Are you planning a bachelorette party for your friend and don't know how to handle it all? Leave it to us. 

In Brno, we cooperate with the Piknik box cafe, which is located in the middle of the city park. We will spread picnic blankets for you under the sturdy park trees, prepare great refreshments on a pallet table, make a flower bracelet or a wreath for the bride's hair, hang lanterns and lights, and even arrange a photographer. All that's left for you to do is find the best group of the bride's friends and really enjoy the end of freedom celebration!

As with all our services, there is no need to strictly adhere to the offer, whether it is the number of participants or taste preferences. We will try to adjust the event exactly according to your ideas. In short, CONTACT US to us and we will plan the farewell together so that it suits you and your entire farewell party.

In case of bad weather, you can also order a smaller party tent from us.